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Milos, a hidden beauty in the Cyclades
September 7, 2005

A Greek island spared from mass tourist hordes

Milos is a sleeping beauty, a small island that hasn't been reached by mass tourism — just the kind of place that island-hoppers in Greece are looking for.

The island lies outside the main channels, which is why it's been spared the hordes. There are no goldsmiths here as in Santorini; no nightlife as on Mykonos; and no bustling beachfront walk as on Naxos.

Instead, Milos is peaceful and prosperous. Everything is in bloom in August, which is when Greeks — and Greek ex-pats — come to vacation here. The rest of the year, the island thrives because of its metal industry. In the shops, you can find lovely smelling Italian ham and quality Greek wines.

The boats anchor at Adamas, a medium-sized village where most tourists stay. Adamas has shops, cafes, car rentals and a miniature museum, and the harbour taverna O Flisbos has been awarded a European gourmet prize for its homey fare.

Adamas stretches over a hill, and as on many of the Cyclades islands, the houses look like small lumps of sugar, glistening white against the summer sky. In the mix of colours are red oleander, purple bougainvillea and glimpses of the blue sea.

On Milos, there is a beach for every day of the week and every mood, which makes for a visit full of variety. One day, you'll find good swimming beaches and the next, cliffs to dive from or a splendidly desolate spot.

Most renowned is Paleohora in the southeast, a 1 km-long sand beach with tavernas and a bus stop. Most of the sunbathers have some kind of swimsuit on. On Hivadolimano, a sandy beach that disappears in the mist, even the most hopeless cases get a tan.

The smooth sand white cliffs in Sarakiniko are popular. The water is deep, dark and rich with fish.

Milos contribution to history is the Venus di Milo, the celebrated statue displayed at the Louvre in Paris, which was long regarded as the epitome of harmonious female beauty.

In 1820, a farmer named Giorgios Kentrokas found one half of the statue in a cave. Soon after that a French officer found the other half and sent word to the French consul in Istanbul. After a great drama, the piece of art ended up in Paris, but during the struggle Venus lost both her arms.

On Milos, you can also find an antique amphitheatre and catacombs, graves from early Christian times. Parts of the catacombs are sporadically open to the public.

Among the island's best features is the old capital Plaka, with its tavernas and narrow alleys. Clearly, Orthodox priests were good at picking sites for their churches, because the view from the local church is fantastic. At sunset, nearby benches are filled with old Greek women, and young people admire the view sitting on the wall. From there, you can see all of the bay, the neighbouring island Kimolos and miles and miles of the ocean.

Author : Ingvar von Malmborg for Metronews Canada

Greek Airports Project
July 1, 2007

Greek Airports Project invites you to summer excursion bathed in Aegean blue!

GAP invites you to take a virtual stroll around the Greek Isles. We depart on Sunday the 1st of July at 16.30 utc from the scenic isle of Milos traversing through the majestic colors of the Aegean sea towards the isle of Ikaria, while having passed Paros, Naxos, Astypalea, Kalymnos and Leros! Since island hopping is a must, you will be able to make as many shorts stops as you wish on these islands which comprise the Aegean Small Airports package... just don't forget to pick up souvenirs for home! Greek Airports Project invites you to live The Aegean Myth! Sunday the 1st of July, 16.30 utc Aircraft types: Singe engine props & helicopters with a sustained cruise speed of 90-120 kts.

Flight plans and more info here http://www.greekairportsproject.gr/AegeanMyth.zip (also includes a FS .pln file for those who wish to use the GPS).

Greek Airports Project invites you to live The Aegean Myth!

Author : Travel to Milos

Milos in Moscow
March 19, 2012

The event was held last week at the famous Samsung building at the Russian capital, in view of the tourist exhibition MITT. Journalists from the most reputable media and Established T.O. working intensely on integrating Greek destinations in travel programs for Russian travelers, attended the presentations of the islands. Followed by detailed discussion with the Mayor Mr Andreas Bampouni Sifnos and the President of the Hoteliers Association of Milos N. Moraitis, representing the two destinations.

The purely technocratic nature of the event and the participants satisfied the Russians who, with their questions showed their interest in Greek market.

Presentations of the islands was introduced by the Charge d'Affaires of the Greek Embassy in Moscow, Ambassador John stover.

In a common event Milos and Sifnos Municipalities presented to the Russian market professionals a briefing with journalists and Tour Operators, organized especially for the two destinations with the help of EOT Moscow Office. In the photo the Mayor of Sifnos Mr Antreas Bampounis (left) and the Chairman of Milos hoteliers, Mr. Nick Moraitis (right).

Author : TtM

Milos at the 14th French Film Festival
April 11th, 2013

Significant boost to international prominence of Milos is expected from the film "Honor your mother and your Mother .." (Tu honoreras ta mere et ta mere) that "shot" entirely last summer on our island and already displayed in Greece and abroad.

This French production which, from Greek side starring Lakis Lazopoulos and Demis Roussos and fits into the 14th French Film Festival.

The film premiere was held in February in Paris last Saturday aired officially in Athens, cinema "Danaos" with the presence of Mayor of Milos Mr. Gerasimos Damoulakis and representatives of artists, journalists and business people of the capital.

The Mayor of Milos, believing that Milos is truly a unique natural setting for film and television, during the official premiere in France, invited the artistic world to visit and discover the island and expressed his desire to accommodate future and other similar international productions.

Author : TtM

Milos @ 10 perfect Greek island holidays
April 12th, 2013

We were happy to read an article on Guardian by Rachel Dixon about the idyllic islands with gorgeous beaches of Greece. Milos was one of them.

Why? This volcanic island has a spectacular lunar landscape of red, brown and white rocks, and around 70 equally colourful beaches: white, gold, red and grey. There are pretty whitewashed fishing villages and more rugged mountain settlements.

What to do Visit the ancient theatre, catacombs and windmills in Tripiti, where the Venus de Milo statue was found; take a caïque (fishing boat) tour of the island's coves; go to Plaka, the former capital and a great spot to watch the sunset; take in as many beaches as time allows, such as eerie, moonlike Sarakiniko.

More information on The Guardian

Author : TtM